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Cloud technology moves all the time. Here at LevelUpCloud we think it's really important that our courses are always up to date. And so, we have created this Course Currency Dashboard. On the Dashboard we show you how updates from each cloud provider impact our courses and if an update is required, when it will arrive.

Learn Amazon Web Services: The complete introduction

Start your journey with AWS, get hands on, and cover every AWS service available today

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All the Services

Up to date

8th December 2017: AWS has added this AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) service into the Security, Identity & Compliance section of the console. This has now been added to the course.

Thanks - Mike

Lambda - Hands on

Up to date

There have been some changes to the AWS Lambda Console. This lesson has been updated to reflect these changes. The code and methods for this lesson still work, but the UI layout has changed.

Thanks - Mike

What to learn next

Up to date

In this lesson I plain forgot to mention the (newish) AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. I am working to add this in.

Thanks - Mike

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